The Obsidian Oracle

Little is known of the being referred to as the Obsidian Oracle. The common folk claim her declarations are never wrong, but few undertake the arduous journey required to gain this supposed infallible and invaluable insight to future events.

Scholar Mikai Piet of Foresthaven

This is where I break character and plainly put forth various thoughts, concepts, facts and assumptions that I am working with for this project. some of it will be raw, and some will be partially worked in the pseudo-scholarly treatment I use everywhere else.

Raw design conceits;

  • the gods of the dragons are stars (and planets)
  • the sun created the dragons on earth
  • the sun created dwarves to build things for dragons
  • the sun created elves to entertain and serve dragons
  • an evil star created humans. humans are a plague in the eyes of dragons
  • being created by and from the stuff of dragon-gods, all intelligent creatures can interbreed.
  • man + elf = halfelf
  • man + dwarf = halforc (call them orcs)
  • dwarf + elf = halfling
  • dragon + anyone (even half’s) = magic user of non dragon race (no one knows this is true)
  • halfX + wholeX = whole man, halfX
  • halfX + halfX = halfX
  • halfX + halfY = monster
  • magic user + any = 33% chance of magic user on top of normal mix result

I am considering making all dwarves male. I have not fully considered the repercussions of this.

On Dragon Reproduction

Dragons do not share the same taboos on sibling mating that we do. Rightly so, because they do not share the same genetic pitfalls that close relation mating causes in mankind.

Dragon females carry all the genetic diversity of their race in themselves. Dragon male’s spermazoa carry no genetic material, and only trigger the activation of the growth cycle in the female’s eggs.

Apparently by an act of will, the female dragon can chose the genetic disposition of their offspring. This would seem to explain the recent rise in the numbers of the more combative and militaristic Reds in their current population.

One choice the female dragon does not seem to control is the frequency of female births. All current information leads to the conclusion that a female can only produce a female egg once every 500 years. Combined with the ten year hatching cycle, and the 100 year maturation cycle, means that it takes over 600 years for them to bring a new breeding source into existence.

The obvious course of action is clear. Killing the female dragons must be a priority in all future operations undertaken by our armies. Please advise your generals of our findings with all due haste.

In service to King Owen, slayer of Diamond-Tooth the Red,

Magi Phillip Aparra,

the Dragons have philosophical one-liners based on their creation stories, and histories.


  • Sorrow is lost to us, we will not mourn.
  • Wisdom withdraws from the unattainable.

on Foresthaven : the elves have mostly left the world of man (to the west or whatever), and also left their great forest cities untended. One such city lies in a deep forest. (which is becoming darker and foreboding-er with the passing of the elves) the forest borders several small kingdoms. In a moment of unusual good will these kingdoms declared this elven city to be a place of truce and scholarly study. They named it Foresthaven. It has the greatest library in the known world (like a mythical library of Alexandria). It is also a place of high politics between deligations from the surrounding nations (even in times of war, nations can conduct buisness with each other under this cities perpetual truce). The two differing aspects of this city usually never intersect

The Obsidian Oracle

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