An experiment in creation myths

Before Man walked upon the earth, before the first dragon took flight, before even this earth existed, there were the great luminous beings the dragons called gods. Their brightness filled the heavens. There was no darkness in their presence, until war came to the dragon-gods. Perhaps the dragons knew what caused this strife, but they have never shared this with any other race. These dragon-gods, these radiant behemoths, fought and killed each other for many eons. In each ones dying a brilliance was lost, and darkness came to be.

One of the dragon-gods saw the futility of their war and sought to flee the battle that had killed so many of her brothers. She, who is called Mother by the dragons, gathered her slain brothers to her. So, using their dead, lightless bodies, as a barrier to shield her own light from the others, she traveled away from the warring host of dragon-gods.

She journeyed far into the darkness, and when an eon had passed she stopped and rested. As she slept, her shield of brothers slipped just a fraction. It was enough for only one of the warring dragon-gods to see. The one the dragons call Wisdom saw Mother far across the darkness, and immediately understood her purpose. Knowing the rightness of her choice, he flew from the battle in the other direction. Slowly, over eons, the other dragon-gods came to understand the truth that Wisdom had shown them by leaving the war. One by one, light by light, they left off fighting each other for the solitude of the darkness. Eventually there was just one dragon-god with war in his heart. Spite would not give up the battle. Clothing himself in the skin of his sister, whom he had killed himself, he set out to stalk and slay all of the dragon-gods one by one.

So when you see a star brighten greatly, that is Spite throwing off his sister’s dark skin to attack another dragon-god. The brightness is their battle, and when the dragon-god is slain, then Spite puts on his sister’s ebony skin again, and the star goes black.

When Mother woke from her sleep, she saw the war was over, and watched the other dragon-gods slowly spread out across the darkness. She saw Spite take his first victim, the one the dragons call Sorrow, and knew she must prepare herself for when he came for her.

She took her brothers bodies, and bound them each into a ball, and set them to spin around her. Now when Spite snuck upon her, he would be struck unawares by her brother’s dark bodies, and she would be alerted to his presence.

Then she breathed a bit of her fire into the center of each. Now when Spite was struck by her brothers, he would be weakened by her fires, and she would gain advantage.

Then she set her egg to circle the largest of her brothers, the one the dragons call Earth. Now if Spite slew her, her daughter would be born in the fires of their war, and avenge her.

Eons passed. Sometimes the other dragon-gods would move, trying to avoid Spite or each other, but Mother stayed quietly in her trap. To entertain herself she watched her brothers spin around her. She noticed that things grew upon Earth. Watching things growing on her brother contented her for a while. Mother decided that some representation of her and her brothers should rule over the life growing on her brother Earth. So, she took a small sliver of flesh from each of her brothers, and molded it into tiny shapes. She then breathed a sigh of the fires of her life into each of them, and placed them upon Earth.

And thus were the first dragons born.